Reasons why you should buy an electric bike

Currently, there are many choices of electric bikes on the market. The price is also varied. Want an electric bike with a budget price? Many choices, we will help you find the best option for you. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to check out the recommended electric scooter Singapore on the online store.

Environmentally friendly

One major advantage of an electric bike is environmentally friendly. Because electric-powered, then the electric bike will not emit smoke like a motor. So, will not carbon dioxide emitting from your electric bike.

There is also no other waste engine such as engine oil or other. The environment is fresher and you can ride with more comfortable and healthy.

There are Two Options, Can Be Pedaled or Using Electricity

By bringing an electric bike, you have two options that boost it like a regular bike or use an electric motor as a driving force. If you ride a regular bike, you will only get one option to move it, that is by boosted.

The electric bicycle offers an additional alternative that makes smiling: moving the bike with an electric motor. So when you are tired to boost the bike (or indeed again lazy to move), you can activate the bike. Then the bike will go with you comfortably.

Not Taxable

Electric bikes are still classified as small bikes and are not considered as motor vehicles. In addition, the speed is also considered low, only about 20-30 km per hour, to be considered as a general motor. No wonder electric bikes have so far not been taxed by the government and certainly do not require licenses and ownership of motor vehicles.

Energy saving

As you can expect, it does not consume any gasoline to be operated, so it will decrease the world’s gas consumption a little bit. Furthermore, you’ll be able to save some money as well, due to you just need to charge it at home with the moderate amount of electricity.