First Time Vacationing To Singapore? Here’s What You Should Bring

Vacation to Singapore certainly makes you have to prepare well. Starting from a variety of clothes to carry, various food preparations, to passport and so forth. To get tickets to several places in Singapore, you can get them at singapore attractions ticket wholesaler.

For the first time you will be there, then some of these items must be taken.

1. Black Color Pen
What for? Write an immigration card. What is an immigration card? A card that needs to be filled before entering a country. What kind of shape is the immigration card?

2. Clothing
Better to bring comfortable clothes only, because the weather in Singapore is similar to Indonesia. If you intend not to buy checked-in baggage, it is better to wear jeans worn when leaving and go home, because the material jeans are thicker and heavier.

3. Passport
Your passport validity period must be more than 6 months before your departure date.
Example: You want to go to Singapore in September 2018, the maximum validity of your passport must be March 2018.