Here are some tips to combine the red color that suits you

The red color for various occasions does need a very appropriate combination. Because the red color cannot be combined with the various colors that you have. Especially bags, the color of the red bag will be very appropriate when combined with neutral colors, such as black or white. So, many women use the right ladies briefcase with them. Because the bag is very influential on the overall appearance.

There are several tips that you can use to combine red. Either the red color is in your clothes or even your bag. Some tips for combining red that you can use are

1. Choose the right red pattern
In combining red, it’s very important to pay attention to the shade or what type of red you use. Bright red is a color that is suitable for various skin colors. The myth that the color of the skin is what determines the color of what clothes are suitable will not apply to this one color. Especially for the bag, you can use the bag in bright red with whatever skin color you are.

2. Adjust the color of the shoes
When you decide to wear red clothes, match them with the same colored shoes and bags or you can even combine them with nude to make them look more elegant. Nude colors can dampen the red color so that it looks more graceful.

3. Red on red
When you want to look dominant and strong, wear a red blazer with a skirt with matching colors, you can also use a red-colored bag with a different shade so it doesn’t look tidy. Choose clothes that are not patterned and let the red color define your style.

4. Combine red with denim
When you take a leisurely stroll and are in an informal activity, then you can combine a red bag with a skirt or denim shirt to give a fresh impression. This style is also suitable for you who want to look effortless.