3 Tips before you’re going to visit Saudi Arabia

Visiting Saudi Arabia is often done by the people from around the world, especially Muslims for various purposes such as performing the pilgrimage, umroh or continue education. However, if you just take a vacation to enjoy the beauty of the city and its culture, you should do 3 things that we will share with you. Meanwhile, it’d be useful for you there later if you take the online Arabic learning as well.

1. Check your health condition

Knowing the condition of equality is necessary before a vacation to Saudi Arabia given the differences in climate and temperature is much different. This you need to do so as not to have a respiratory tract infection.

2. Vaccinate

After checkup does not forget to vaccinate yourself from diseases of hepatitis A, pneumonia, influenza and meningitis. Meningitis is one of the chronic diseases that attack the membranes of the brain and spinal cord and can be contagious. According to data from the Ministry of Health RI, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that endemic meningitis.

3. Bring your own medicine supplies

Make sure your medicines are well covered before leaving for Saudi Arabia such as asthma, heart, diabetes, and hypertension