Here are some things that are often overlooked when choosing a Photobooth Vendor

In choosing photobooth vendors, there are many things you should look at. Starting from the decoration to the ability of the photographer who was there. However, unfortunately, there are still some things that are forgotten by many when choosing a photobooth vendor. If you include people looking for photobooth vendors, then visit dekorasi photobooth to get the right one.

Unfortunately, there are still some things that are forgotten when choosing a photobooth vendor, such as

1. Printer speed and quality
Consider whether the printer for printing photos has a high or low speed. Because the speed factor when printing the photo very effects to a long queue that happened there. The faster the photo printing the invited guests do not have to wait too long.

2. Photobooth and photo monitoring software
With the sophistication of photobooth technology, it can now use multiple backgrounds in one theme you use. All sophisticated processes will be done in a laptop and without editing from the operator.